The Solo Project - Winter

by Leannan Sidhe

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CHORUS:Winter is coming and with it goes the light But I shall not go willingly into the coming night The only fruit yet growing hangs from the gallows tree And I fear that down this path I tread, a sapling grows for me So roll the bones and read my fate and tell me I'm to die Or tell me that I've come too late and that I shouldn't try Tell me all the things that no sane man was ever meant to hear But don't expect to rule me if the path you choose is fear So roll the bones and read my fate, or better yet read yours And if you're wise you'll stay inside and lock and bar your doors I'll not be ruled by fear or fate, but live the life I choose Let those who'd try to use me see I've nothing left to lose. I'll stand against the darkness till they burn me for my crimes Better flames than gallows fruit in these uncanny times I'll light the world on fire to save us from the frost Lest the cold should kill us all, and to Winter we be lost.
Winterglass 03:46
Surrounded by glass and shattering trees One touch of my hand caused the mirror to freeze I slip through the cracks and am lost in the moonlight The reflections are mine and I’ll do as I please CHORUS: Don’t stand between the mirrors One crack, you’ll never leave Don’t stand between the mirrors I’ve no more left with which to grieve Surrounded by glass and there’s snow on the hillside An apple is packed in the basket with care There’s nothing left but a myth and a memory And the mirror and I, into which you now stare CH:Don’t stand between the mirrors The price is one pure heart Don’t stand between the mirrors If you want this to end then don’t make a new start BRIDGE: I can’t see where we’re going I can only see where we have been I am stopped but the river keeps on flowing to the end There are things I’d like to change But I cannot make amends CH:Don’t stand between the mirrors You’re more than what they see Their eyes are frozen mirrors And you might end up like me Little sister, break the glass and set me free
Quiet the land from valley to hill And the waters freeze as the night grows chill And the faeries dance in a glittering ring With a joy that only Winter can bring CHORUS:And the wind shall rise And the snow shall fall And I will cherish it all Yes I will cherish it all Soft is the touch of snow and of dreams Quiet the joy as the heart softly sings Silver and blue, with a blanket of white Is Winter’s gift upon this night CHORUS Snow on the trees and stars in the sky And the full moon shines as the clouds drift by Leaving us alone in a world gone to sleep A memory’s all that we may keep CHORUS I will cherish it all


released February 4, 2019


all rights reserved



Leannan Sidhe Seattle, Washington

Leannan Sidhe is a fey musician with wandering feet, a shimmering soprano voice, and who writes music that tends to the bittersweet. She performs mostly in the Pacific Northwest, but will happily travel further abroad if the opportunity is provided.

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