Mirror, Mirror

by Leannan Sidhe

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This was written at 3am as I woke from a dream about the childhood from the evil queen from Snow White’s story. Never trust something if you don’t know where it keeps it’s brain, and always beware of self-fulfilling prophecies.


I saw my reflection turn uncanny, fey and strange
When I was hiding as a child
Even then I knew for sure that magic made the change
So I pulled you from the attic
Where the other junk was piled

CHORUS: Mirror, mirror, fever bright
Keep me company tonight
They tell me something isn't right with you / isn’t right with me
But I don’t care! / But you don’t care
It isn't fair! / It isn’t fair!
The things they say! / The things they say!
Who cares about them anyway? / Who cares about them anyway?
You're my only friend. / I’m your only friend
(I’m your only friend)

You became my companion, a secret shared with only me
I never knew why you were hid
A thing of beauty filled with a magic mystery
So I hung you on my wall
And sought to find out what you did

CHORUS: Mirror mirror on the the wall / Mirror mirror on the wall
Who's that coming down the hall? / Who's that coming down the hall?
I wish they'd stumble, trip and fall / Wish they'd stumble, trip and fall
And die / And die
I'm always scared! / You’re always scared!
It isn't fair! / It isn't fair!
The things they do! / The things they do!
Who cares if I should tell the truth? /Who cares if you should tell the truth?
You're my only friend / I’m your only friend
(I’m your only friend)

I almost expected, when my reflection finally spoke
That it would be a dream come true
Finally someone who won't treat me like I’m a joke
But although you never mean it
There are times when you are cruel

CHORUS: Mirror mirror in my hand / Mirror mirror in your hand
I ought to break you into sand / You’ll never break me into sand
Instead you'll do as I command / Instead you'll do as I command
But why? / Or die
Why was she there
It isn't fair!
The things you show! / The things I show!
How do you know the things you know? / You’ll never know how much I know
Are you still my friend? / I’m your only friend
(I’m your only friend)

CHORUS: Mirror, mirror, comfort me
Show me something good to see
If you are kind, I’ll set you free
But do I dare?
It isn’t fair!
Why set you free?
When you won’t do the same for me
Have you ever been my friend?
Show me how our story ends


released October 1, 2018
Lyrics & Music ©️2017 Shanti Singleton


all rights reserved



Leannan Sidhe Seattle, Washington

Leannan Sidhe is a fey musician with wandering feet, a shimmering soprano voice, and who writes music that tends to the bittersweet. She performs mostly in the Pacific Northwest, but will happily travel further abroad if the opportunity is provided.

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