Walk With Me in Beauty

by Leannan Sidhe

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Walk with me in beauty
Walk with me in peace
Walk with me in silence
Or when looking for release
Walk with me in beauty
Walk with me in grace
Take the time for what we have
Before we leave this place
**repeated throughout**

Come walk with me in springtime
When the leaves are barely green
Or in the warmth of summer sunlight
Beside the water's gleam
Come walk with me by starlight
When the world is silver-blue
Come walk with me, and talk with me,
And I will dream with you.

The world softly changes
While you're studying your books
Which flowers bloom, which birds sing out
The laughing of the brook
And it only takes a moment
To stand up and raise your head
See the world there about you
Wonder at the life you've led

Come walk with me beneath madrone,
Or vine maple, Douglas fir
Come taste the salty ocean air
And hear the sea birds stir
Come feel the heat of ancients
Bake into your bones
Come see the stars true darkness brings
And find yourself at home

The cost of all our knowledge
Is in memories we could prize
With training we are learn-ed
But experience makes us wise
And the clay that forms our selves
Is made of what's inside our minds
If I could see the clay that shapes us
How much beauty would I find?

Come walk with me through sunset
While the colors blaze and fade
Or sit and watch the sunrise
From the beauty of a glade
Stand still with me until the beasts
And birds all show no fear
And listen to the wonders
That our silence lets us hear


released June 1, 2018


all rights reserved



Leannan Sidhe Seattle, Washington

Leannan Sidhe is a fey musician with wandering feet, a shimmering soprano voice, and who writes music that tends to the bittersweet. She performs mostly in the Pacific Northwest, but will happily travel further abroad if the opportunity is provided.

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